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Hi Guys~
Back to Adel again, and here is the review as per request from several friends that asking about recommended wifi in Japan.

Well, I’m basically only using 1 vendor which is from during my trip in Japan, and I can easily give them 5-star for their services. The coverage is great, the internet speed is awesome, easy to order, and the most important thing is the affordable price. So, let’s start~!



Okay, first of all, let’s find out about their products, and choose it wisely according to your needs, Please go to this link: Japan Wireless Products

and you might see this page :

jawi product page

As you can see, there are 3 kinds of products that you can choose, which is the economy package, premium package, and business package.  The differences between those packages are in Speed, Price, and the battery power. I choose the economy package before, coz it’s just

I was choosing the economy package, since it’s only Anggie and me that using the wifi. It is said that the battery only lasts for 4 hours by continuous usage, but in reality, it lasts longer, like 10-12 hours, and after that, you have to plug in the provided power bank to support the battery, so you don’t have to really worried about the battery. The speed is also fast (compared to the one that I had back in Indonesia XD) and it’s really helpful since I will be back and forth opening the google map on my cell phone.



So, You’ve found the type of product that you need? ok, it’s time to order it, please click the words to go to the order page   

And you’ll see this on your screen:

order page

As you see, you have to insert some information, such as, which type that you want to order, the pick-up date, insurance fees (I chose “no, I will take all risks for loss or damage”), approximate pick-up time, the location, etc. I’ve made it send to Narita Airport Post Office on 3rd Floor, Japan Wireless sent me an email about the postal number around 3-2 days before my departure to Tokyo, and I just have to show the email to the post office staff along with my passport to get my package.



I was made the payment via paypal since it is faster and safer this way. So, please don’t forget to make a paypal account before ordering.


Okay, That’s all you need to order a wifi unit via Japan

Wait, that’s all? Yupps darlie, that’s all you need, if there’s anything else you can ask me through comment section or see the steps directly from Japan wireless rental steps

Here are some photos that I’ve uploaded using wifi from Japan wireless during my stay in Japan:

Banyak yang nanya apa aku roaming selama di jepang? Jawabannya NO Selama di jepang aku #sewa #router #wifi via dan ini recommended abis karena internetnya cepet bgt jg baterenya awet Sengaja pilih yg paket economy wifi dgn kecepatan 21Mbps dan ketahanan batere 4 jam (menurut web nya tapi menurut kita baterenya awet banget2 karena kita nyalain dari jam 7 pagi baru rewel minta dicolok ke power bank sekitar jam 7 mlm, dan dr sananya kita dikasih power bank tambahan merk xiaomi yg ternyata cepet panas n ga tahan lama 😅😅) karena perginya cm berdua jd biar patungannya jg ga terlalu berat, 6 hari cuma kena ¥5000 yen plus shipping fee (ongkir) total jadi ¥5500 atau sekitar Rp. 600.000 an ~ Kemaren aku minta jawi (japan wireless) kirim router wifi ke post office di bandara narita terminal 2, dan yg perlu kita lakukan buat pengambilan adalah kasi liat passport dan no resi yg dikirimin sm japan wireless via email +-2hr sblm tanggal keberangkatan kita disana, jangan lupa cek nama kalian di paketnya *Fyi: (post office ada di lt.3 jadi begitu sampe narita silahkan ambil lift ke lantai tiga dan susurin area sebelah kiri, krn post office ada di deretan lift tmpt kalian keluar) #sewawifi #japan #sewarouterwifi #japanwireless #recommended

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"my salad days, when I was green in judgement" . . P1: ..Its cold…I keep on waiting for you on the other side but you're still not answering………… . P2 : the crowd is here, but not you… It makes me think about how we used to be… How nosy we were…how cheeky we were……………………. . P3 : Its getting colder, not the wind… It's…. here… Something within… I can feel it froze but I keep on waiting and waiting……………………….but not a single hint from you….well… . P4 : ……seems like you can't make it to myside anymore… So, what I can do just walkaway and keep on moving…. I'll travel the world and swim the oceans of people to find myself again….. Just like the blue sky find me so easily………. . . . Pictures by: @ratihanggiani #Camera : #sonyAlpha6000 Story & model by: @slqueenadeline Location: Tokyo Disney Sea #picstory #story #igstory #instastory #thatshowthestorygoes #whatgoesaroundcomesaround #saladdays #slqueenadeline #disneysea #tokyo #japan #fall2016 #december2016

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Thanks for your attention and don’t forget to have fun !!~





Baso tahu isi ayam-udang

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Liburan ngapain?
Klo kemarin share yg unyu2 sekarang share yg enak2 dulu yaa~~

Tadaah~ ❤
Baso Tahu isi ayam-udang~~
Cukup gampang karena tinggal alusin aja bumbu2 dan bahan2 utama sampai jadi adonan lalu di filing ke tahu yg udh dikerok isinya

Favourite ku sih cukup di kukus aja biar ga berminyak tapi sebagian org lbh suka sehabis di kukus trus di goreng biar lebih padat /sesuai selera aja/
Ps: kyanya bisa juga nih usaha jual tahu isi tinggal di kukus/goreng aja sesuai selera~ ada yang minat untuk pesen? XD


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Hi All,  I’m back with a big big project with so many cosplayers~

Yep, its Disney Princess & Prince Cosplay Project~

simply, we love disney so much and want to show off our childhood dreams~


Our big family~


@Museum Bank Indonesia, photo by : IDPhotoGallery


*Broke another record in sewing…*

Sew disney’s princess jasmine costume in 8 hours without a blink of sleep… H-1

A bit masokist but i’m happy with the result ❤



Yang lain ballroom dance dan emang lagi ballroom session
Jasmine-aladdin-moana-maui-mulan-li shang?
~tim hore anti mainstream~

Kita bikin tarian pemanggil ujan, trus sorenya beneran ujan 😂😂😂
Jadinya li shang bisa photses ala topless /digiles/

H-3 = just finished the accessories /kicked/

Bikin perintilan accessories si princess agrabah gini aja makan waktu seharian =,=”


#Disney #cosplay #DIY #accessories